February 2018

True Inclusion

January 2018

It’s Prayer

Let the Children Come

Walk the Talk

A Light Has Dawned

December 2017

For God So Loved the World

November 2017

What’s Overflowing from Your Heart?

October 2017

What the Reformation Means to You

What’s YOUR Problem?

Extravagant Forgiveness

Such a Time

September 2017

Freedom for All

How’s Your Serve?

How Can I Be Saved?

Lambs Book of Life?

How can I know my name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Pastor Bob preaches on Revelation.

August 2017

The Story of Reality: The Problem of Evil

July 2017

The Story of Reality: Options

June 2017

The Story of Reality

Love your Enemies


What’s Your Perspective?



February 2018


December 2017

The Path of Peace

October 2017


August 2017

A Recycled Redeemer?

May 2017

A Noticeable Difference


March 2017

What Are You Wearing? Part 2


February 2017

What Are You Wearing?


January 2017

Its Not About You



December 2017

Good News of Great Joy

November 2017


August 2017

Jesus: the Resurrection and the Life

July 2017

The Story of Reality: Suffering

April 2017

Becoming the Worshiper God Seeks


February 2017

Zealous Worship


December 2016

Jesus Speaks Life to Us

Jesus speaks life wherever he goes, and he goes with us wherever we are. 

February 2018

Fear Not: Pete Karns

July 2017

Trip to Guatemala

The Story of Reality: Pete Karns

Teen Challenge 2017

June 2017

Doug Mann: Nazarene Missionary

December 2017

Hope With Confidence

August 2017

The Trade