Lynne Fortin, Aaron and Suzie McCabe
Life Group
Location: Uxbridge
Day and time: Monday 7:00-8:30pm
Frequency: 2nd Mondays
Start date: Sep 13
Status: FULL

Our group leadership consists of Lynne Fortin and Aaron and Suzie McCabe. Lynne is married to Jeff and they have 3 children, Isla is 7, Calum is 9 and Ewan is 13. Lynne works part-time as a nurse. Lynne and Suzie are sisters, both from Scotland. Aaron and Suzie have one daughter, Eilish who is 1 year old. Aaron works as a school counselor and Suzie is currently staying at home with Eilish but is a social worker.

TOPIC: Discerning the Mind of Christ
This study involves possessing the mind of the redeemer in an age of negativity and deceit and is by Francis Frangipane. This topic seems more important than ever to be able to discern what is true and Godly in this time of censorship and media lies. It also tackles some of the devils weapons in regard to division, falsehood and unguarded hearts and how to use the Holy Spirit to discern truth. We meet at Aaron and Suzie’s home. We spend an initial period checking in and noting prayer requests for each member of the group (these are emailed out for prayer use after as well). We then go through the study discussing any areas of it that people want to focus on.
                Any questions? Send an email to Lynne/Aaron/Suzie.
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