Duff and Barb Kirklewski
Life Group
Location: Bellingham
Day and time: Friday 7:00-8:30pm
Frequency: 1st and 3rd
Start date: ongoing
Status: FULL


TOPIC: Study of the Gospels
Our study of the gospels is taken from and paced by using Life Change (Navpress) study materials. The Life Group evening starts with a few worship songs/hymns (no, you do not have to sing if you do not want to, but it’s contagious). Then, we move on to some praise reports, and then on to the study/survey (which should be somewhere around 35 – 45 minutes). Next, we have a time of prayer. When prayer time is over, we move to the dining room for refreshments and snacks. There are some weeks when we are led by God to spend more time in prayer and praise, which would be welcomed and expected if we are following His cues.

On occasion, we will venture out of the confines of “the home” to engage in outreach and ministry activities. Suggestions for opportunities are welcome and solicited.

Any questions? Send an email to Duff.
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