Mats for Homeless

Our team of dedicated folks help make sleeping mats for the homeless by recycling plastic grocery bags.  The bags are cut into strips and looped to make plastic yarn known as PLARN. Then the plarn is crocheted into mats. Several in the church family are either making plarn or crocheting mats. Our group, which includes many unchurched friends, has made 72 mats, which means we have recycled about 60,000 plastic bags! More importantly we have provided a measure of comfort to some very needy people.

You can help! Save your plastic grocery bags, bring them to church, and put them in the bin in the Donations Center near the elevator. Make plarn! It is very easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.  If you crochet, we will provide you with material to make mats. Contact the church office for more information.