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 Valley Chapel’s Memorial Garden gives glory to God through a beautiful outdoor space for prayer and reflection along with granite columbaria to provide a memorialized final resting place for those who choose cremation.
Our garden was designed & created by Bill Giatas, owner of Giatas Landscaping. Bill’s design expertise, years of experience, and meticulous attention to detail have created a garden with a perfect combination of natural modern hardscape and beautiful organic elements.

Where is the garden located? The garden is located on the west side of the church at the rear of church property across from the green lawn. It is designed to eventually hold seven columbaria, each of which contains 32 companion niches.

What is a columbarium? A columbarium (singular; plural is columbaria) is an 18th-century Latin word for “dovecote” or “dove nest.” Today, it is a place where urns holding cremains (ashes) may be inurned (reposed) in individual niches. 

What does each niche hold? Each niche is “companion niche” that holds one or two urns for cremated remains. Only human remains are permitted.

Who may purchase a niche?  MA law says inurnment in the columbaria is for attendees of Valley Chapel and their families. Many people attend our services by watching online, and we have filed a bill with the MA legislature to allow others in the community to purchase a niche.

How are niches purchased?  Request an application packet; complete a purchase contract and submit along with payment.

What do niches cost? Currently each companion niche is just $3,000. Part of the payment is for the cost of the niche, and part is a tax-deductible contribution to Valley Chapel for maintenance of the garden and columbaria. We offer a discounted price of $2,800 for niches paid in full by check or cash. A payment plan is available.

Do I own the niche? You purchase a license for inurnment: the right to place cremated remains inside in perpetuity.

May I choose my niche? Once Valley Chapel receives your full payment with a signed agreement, you may choose from available niches.

Besides cremation and urn costs, what are other costs? Engraving (name & dates) plus $100 fee for opening and closing the niche at the time of inurnment.

Who arranges engraving? To insure uniformity, Valley Chapel arranges engraving. Cost is based on number of letters & numbers; current average is about $500. You may pre-engrave your niche so that only final dates require additional charge.

What if I change my mind or move away? As long as no remains have been placed in the niche, the church will buy back your niche at the niche cost price less an administrative fee. No transfer of niches is permitted without the expression permission of Valley Chapel.

What if something happens to the church? In the event of the dissolution of the church and/or columbarium, the church will arrange for the transfer of urns to you or your heirs.
Other Questions? Contact Lynne Randolph, Memorial Garden Committee Chair.
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REQUEST AN APPLICATION PACKET by email or call the church office at 508 278-2315