MAY-AUG 2019
Lots happening at Valley Chapel. 
  • May 14: Uxbridge Town Meeting  (Part 1) 7pm
  • May 17: Prayer & Anointing service 7pm
  • May 18: Leadership Breakfast 8:30-10 Café (Letters to the Church)
  • May 18: Birch Alley Brass concert- 4pm
  • May 19: CMHA Walk for the Homeless
  • May 27: Memorial Day Picnic –Douglas Camp—FREE; potluck (no hot dogs/hamburgers)
  • May 30: UHS Baccalaureate Rehearsal
  • May 31: UHS Baccalaureate
  • Jun 1: Teen Challenge Run –Amy Levins
  • Jun 4: Precious Ones Graduation
  • Jun 5: Foster Parents Appreciation Dinner-Cafe
  • Jun 5-6: NMI Convention
  • Jun 5-6: Safety Team training
  • Jun 6-7: District Assembly
  • Jun 8: Women’s Conference here 9am-2pm
  • Jun 9: Safety Training—home invasion/car-jacking 2-6pm
  • Jun 10: Anti-Abduction/Anti-rape: 6:30-8:30pm
  • Jun 14: Prayer & Anointing Service 7pm
  • Jun 15: Safety Team training 8am-4pm
  • Jun 17: Women’s Self-defense 6:30-8:30pm
  • June 18: Uxbridge Town Meeting (Part 2)
  • June 24: Men’s Self-defense  6:30-8:30pm
  • June 24-26: Portsmouth Mini Missions Trip
  • Jun 28: REACH movie night (Lego Movie 2)
  • June 30: Teen Challenge 11am service only
  • Jul 7: VBS Training 11am Rm 225
  • Jul 14: VBS Training 9:30am Rm 225
  • 29-Aug 2: VBS

VALLEY CHAPEL HOSTS SELF-DEFENSE FORUM This June and July Valley Chapel is hosting a variety of self-defense training with instructor Bob Hallam, who travels the United States to provide world-class training to equip individuals, communities, families, businesses, and places of worship. Included is training to protect against home invasion, car-jacking, women’s and men’s self-defense as well as training to safety teams, and a two-day Krav Maga boot camp. An NRA Certified Instructor, Bob has extensive certifications in many self-defense disciplines including Personal Protection, Defensive Tactics, Close-Quarter Combat, Close-Quarter Protection, Edged Weapons Defense, Weapon Disarming, Israeli Krav Maga and Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting. The schedule includes: June 9 – Home Invasion and Car-Jacking Defense (2-6pm); June 10: Anti – Rape, Anti –Abduction (6:30-8:30pm); June 17 – Women’s Self Defense (6:30-8:30pm); June 22 & 23 – Two-day Krav Maga Boot Camp (Saturday 8am to 4pm & Sunday 2-7pm); June 24 – Men’s Self Defense (6:30-8:30pm);  June 29 – Level 1 Elite Israeli Combat / Tactical Shooting / (8am to 4pm); July 13 – Level 2 Elite Israeli Combat / Tactical Shooting (8am to 4pm). Details, costs, and registration at In addition, training specifically for church safety teams will be offered. To register, contact Valley Chapel at 508-278-2315.

Pursue 2018 received great responses from those who attended. Many thanks to our speaker, Lisa Sfameni who delivered a powerful message on the story of Rahab. Kerrie Howard and her team (with guest drummer Kyle Knight) led us in powerful worship. Many thanks to the Women’s Council for organizing and overseeing this event, especially Deb Taft and Kathy Sylvestre, and for the men who came out to serve us lunch and clean up!
Our Night to Shine prom was an amazing night! Our honored guests and their parents and caretakers were inspiring and humbling to us all. We are so grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who served and to the Tim Tebow Foundation for creating this event and choosing us as a host church. Many thanks to Faith Fellowship Church for allowing us to use its facility. We give God all the glory. Hosted by Valley Chapel, held at Faith Fellowship.

CONGRATULATIONS PASTOR JOSHUA HOWARD! In May, 2017, Aaron McCabe nominated Pastor Joshua Howard for the Nazarene Timothy Award. This special award was established in 1995 by the Nazarene Youth International General Council to recognize — in a tangible way — outstanding service, sacrifice, and personal commitment to youth through NYI at the local, district, regional, or general level. The Timothy Award embodies the words of the Apostle Paul, who recognized Timothy’s commitment to the needs of others: “I have no one else like him, who takes a genuine interest in your welfare” (Philippians 2:20). It was Timothy who had been encouraged to “not let anyone look down upon you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12, NYI’s theme verse). His legacy was his genuine interest in the welfare of others, a description given by the one who knew him best.

Part of Aaron’s nomination letter reads: “what makes Pastor Josh most valuable is his unwavering passion to see youth know Christ…and to submit himself to the calling that would allow him to serve God toward that end…a man of God who has given over ten years of his ministry to see youth know Christ, and he has done it well….”

The NYI Council agreed and has awarded Pastor Josh this honor. You can see his name in the permanent database record at

Congratulations, Pastor Joshua Howard! We celebrate this achievement with you and are thankful for your service to God and Valley Chapel.